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Product Tour (Students)

Learning Analytics

Students can view a breakdown of the various types of questions attempted during the placement test, so the student is able to find out which types of questions he/she is stronger in. Students can track their reading progress based on the eBooks that they have read and the quizzes that they have taken.


Students can find out where they stand in comparison with their classmates using the scoreboard! They can see how many eBooks their friends have read, as well as see how their quiz scores fare against their fellow classmates.

Vocabulary List

Students can build their own vocabulary lists by saving interesting words that they have come across while reading. Words saved can be viewed at a glance, and students can discover explanations, descriptions, and examples of how the words can be used in a sentence.


With a rewards system that allows students to earn badges for each quiz that they have excelled in, learning becomes more fun! Each eBook comes with a different quiz and badge, so aim to collect all the different badges now! 

Quizzes and Games

Each eBook comes with quizzes and games to encourage interactive learning! Games are also available for students to play, which reinforces learning. The quizzes cover a range of question types, from inferences, to foundational language questions such as vocabulary, and pronunciation.


There are hundreds of eBooks available on Dudu, categorised based on their level of difficulty! The eBooks cover a range of genres, from history to science. Each eBook is beautifully illustrated and animated, encouraging interactive learning. 

Placement Test

The Placement Test is adaptive, and determines reading ability through a series of short tests. 

The placement test consists of two steps – 1. Students have to fill in a short profile about themselves, and 2. Students have to complete a short 15-20 min reading comprehension test comprising 3-5 reading passages.